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Why Dario is the Right Expert to Work With?

He has seen Companies waste thousands of Pounds trying to find new Customers only to lose them with poor Customer Care within their first 12 Months.

Dario has over 20 Years of Experience, he has worked with many Companies Internationally on improving their Communication Strategies, from Acquisition to Retention to backend Phone Sales to sell Event Tickets as well as High-End Coaching Programs, he has done it all. He works with Businesses to show them how to improve Sales through building genuine Relationships with their Customers.

Dario teaches a simple and Practical Approach to building a better and more Sale through true Customer Care and genuine Relationships. He is committed to building true Customer Care that creates lifelong Loyalty in the Customer and long-term Sales for the Company.

What makes him different to others is that he started from the Ground up, his Career started when over 20 Years ago, he worked for a Company on Commission Only, selling Anthony Robbins Tickets in his Twenties. He soon discovered that the Customers that he builds a Relationship with, ended up buying more from him, even Referring new Customer to him because of it. Over the Years he has honed in and developed his own System for selling through Relationship Building.

Many of the Companies he worked with, ended up increasing their Monthly Sales Revenue by 300% after applying his Strategies. He now has a specific Program that he teaches and coaches his Clients that he works with “The Ultimate Customer Service Profit System”.

Dario can Assist You With:

Finding out where your Blind Spot is within your Communication Strategy within Sales and Customer Service. From there he will devise a Plan for you, to show you what needs to happen for an Increase in Sales and serving your Customers at a better level than you might do right now.

After that, he will directly work with you and your Staff to train them on implementing Sales, Retention and Customer Service Strategies that allow your Business to increase Sales immediately when applied correctly.

Furthermore, he will also advise you on how to package up your Services and deliver the Sales Pitch to your Customers with a Follow-up Communication Strategy to improve the Relationship with your Customers so that they end up referring more new Customers to you than they did before.

Dario will consider everything you tell him and device a unique approach for your business to apply his strategies, this also makes him very effective. One startup company he recently worked with, increased their sales by 2,000% within the first 7 days following his advice and implementing the Sales Strategies he taught them to apply.

The 5 Attributes of Excellent Customer Service that will Increase your Sales by 300% within the Next 90 Days.

Customer Relationships

Building and maintaining a great Customer Relationship isn’t always that easy. The Relationship Sales System will increase your Sales within the next 30 – 90 Days by 300%, or even more.

Management Consistency with Systems

No matter the size of your Business, it is often flawed by having either too many Rules around Customer Support, or too few. Dario can show you how you can minimize your paperwork and maximize your results.

Leadership Within Your Business

Often the business owner is either too involved in every aspect of the Business, or not involved enough. With Dario’s Leadership System, you can lead and motivate your team to build your Company faster.

Serve & Sell

When you truly learn from Dario, how to Serve & Sell, you will build huge trust and also gain repeat sales from the same customers. You’ll also gain a better reputation for your business, and increase your Sales by 300%.


Dario’s systems will also help you in addressing any Customer challenges and strike up the right deal that will be a Win- Win – for you and them. Your Customers will love you, which will result in more sales and referrals.

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